07/16/07     Our first feature-length production, H.P. Lovecraft's The Whisperer in Darkness, is now in the post-production phase. Writer/Director Matt Hundley is now cutting the picture in anticipation of the October GRAND PREMIERE. Whisperer should be available on DVD by Halloween.

Website is under HEAVY construction. Check back frequently, we will have pictures, bios, more info and a trailer up very soon.

Watch the trailer.

07/17/07     Gravehill bios up.

07/25/07     Finally got some pictures up. We should have a trailer up very soon. The rough cut is finished as of last night. Now on to the sound mix and color timing.

07/28/07     The rough cut is done and clocks in at just over 105 minutes. I'm sure it'll slim down as we chop on it. The trailer is done and up on YouTube. Check it out at the link below. We got some great press from our pals over at If you are any kind of Lovecraft fan, you need this site book marked.

08/15/07     Finally got Ken's Bio up on the cast page (sorry it took so long Ken!). Just finished the color timing last night. Looks great. Cut in a few of the remaining effects shots...more monsters ;) A deal has been reached with legendary Lovecraft artist ZARONO to design cover art for the DVD jacket. If you don't know who ZARONO need to re-examine your copy of the NECRONOMICON! 

08/21/07     Just got the cover art in from Zarono. Wow. Incredible. If ever a brain were worthy of a Migo cylinder it would be Zarono's.  I clipped a bit of the image on the scan...oops!

10/12/07     The DVD supplemental material is finally finished. We have been working feverishly to get the DVD menus laid out and working. All is going well and the expected street date of 10/20/07 looks really solid. We will be at the ONEIDA MOVIE GALLERY video store on the 20th from 12-7 signing and selling copies of the movie. Sounds like fun!

10/18/07     Got front page coverage in the local paper! The Scott County News wrote a great article and put the poster smack in the middle! We have entered the movie in the International Night of Horror Film Festival. They have an H.P. Lovecraft category this year that screamed for out movie. Craig from has sent a copy of the movie to Evil Dead FX guy Tom Sullivan. Looks like Tom will probably write a review for us. Sounds VERY promising.

The DVD is now finished and ready to hit the streets. It includes:

  • commentary track with Mike and Matt,

  • Technical commentary by Matt explaining the equipment, techniques and secrets of digital effects,

  • over 15 minutes of behind the scenes footage,

  • bloopers and outtakes

  • and the original trailer.

All for a retail of only $12.99 US.

We'll have a link up by the end of the day to buy the DVD. Hang in there :)

12/01/07     Ok...its been a long time, but we have been busy! Our visit to the Oneida Movie Gallery went great. We sold out our entire initial run of DVDs and had to print up more! We took advantage of the downtime and redesigned the artwork for the actual disk. We went from a single color text only to a NEW FULL COLOR transfer. They look great and we are very proud of the new batch.

Mike and Matt with Tanya, the manager of Movie Gallery.

We would like to thank Tanya for her generosity and hospitality at the signing. we couldn't have done it without her!

Thank you Tanya!

We now have a link to buy the movie!

We are currently using Paypal for our online sales. Why would we use Paypal? Well, the answer is simple, it is the easiest and SAFEST way for you to get one. Paypal provide tons of security and give you, the customer, the greatest flexibility in purchasing. Paypal allows you to use a credit card, your checking account, or just transfer money from your account. You don't have to even give us your credit card info, it is all handled through the largest online payment company!

Just click on the "Buy the DVD" tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

12/01/07     Due to overwhelming demand we will be back at the Oneida Movie Gallery on Saturday December 15 signing and selling DVDs as well as posters, GraveHill T-shirts, and our NEW Whisperer in Darkness Tee shirts. They are  COOL ;)                  Special thanks to Grant and Zen for their work on the shirt!

See you there.

New T-shirt design!

12/12/07    It's official. As of today we have started on pre production for our next feature. Matt has started working on the screenplay. Watch for more details.

12/15/07     Yesterday's signing was a smashing success! We sold a ton of DVDs and t-shirts. Many thanks to all the fans who made it out to meet and greet. Thanks again to Tanya and the staff at Movie Gallery (especially Joy!). The new t-shirts went over so well we nearly sold out the first run. We will be making the t-shirts available here on our website very soon, so keep an eye out.

Matt and Mike ham it up with the new banner.

01/01/08     Well, looks like the new year is starting off right for us. Rogue Cinema has posted a great review of The Whisperer in Darkness. We'll pull a few great quotes for you:

"A period piece that would make Lovecraft proud!"

"It's that rarest of things, a Lovecraft movie that actually wants to be a Lovecraft movie before being a horror movie."

"The real beauty of The Whisperer in Darkness is that it appears exactly as you would imagine it, if you were reading the book. From dress to props, everything here looks amazing!"

Thanks for the kind words Brian and Thank you to Rogue Cinema!

Read the entire review here.


01/21/07     We have another great review over at Dread Central. Special thanks to David Bostaph for his thoughtful insight. Some great quotes from the interview:

"One scene happened so fast and came out of nowhere with such fury as to make this jaded reviewer jump."

"...Whisperer could be called a classic."

"In the end what we have with this version of Whisperer is an experiment in storytelling that delivers based on its story alone."

Read the entire article here.


01/21/07     GraveHill will be signing and selling DVDs at the Oakridge TN branch of   Mr. K's Used Books on February 2nd from Noon - 4pm. The address is 374 Illinois ave. Oak Ridge TN, next to Kmart. come down and meet Matt and Mike! We will have DVDs, posters and T-shirts for sale.


01/21/07    As a result of Mile and Matt's connection with the local wrestling scene, GraveHill Productions has been invited to attend a KAPOW Wrestling event in Lenoir City TN on February 2nd from 7:30 pm - 9:00pm at the National Guard armory. We will be signing and selling DVDs, posters and T-shirts.

02/01/08     Rogue Cinema has been kind enough to do an interview with Matt for their page. You can read it HERE.

02/26/08     I have just received some tragic news today. John Polonia has passed away. John is best known for his work with his brother Mark on over 20 movies they created. Mark and John truly changed the face of low-budget, independent film making. Without John and Mark's influence and inspiration there would be no GraveHill. John was a friend of GraveHill and he will be sadly missed. His work will live on forever.

John Polonia 1969-2008 

(Photo courtesy of Camp Pictures)

03/15/08     Due to overwhelming demand, GraveHill will be back at Mr.K's Used Books on Saturday, March 29th from noon-4:00pm. We will have DVDs, T-shirts, and posters for sale. 

Whisperer in Darkness has its first retail outlet! - That's right, we have be offered a gracious spot in the retail selection of Mr. K's Used Books and CDs in Oakridge, TN. The DVD is on sale there for $13. If you are in the Oakridge area, stop in and pick one up! 

GraveHill Productions will be at this year's ADVENTURECON in Knoxville, TN.  June 13-15. We will have DVDs and other GH merchandise for sale. Come down and meet Matt and Mike. If all goes well we will be previewing the teaser trailer for our next feature there also! 

08/07/08   Has it been that long since we updated the page? WOW! We have been so busy this summer, we just haven't had the time to do so. AdventureCon was a smash success! We spent the weekend meeting hundreds of fans of horror and Sci-Fi films. MANY copies of Whisperer found their way into the hands of waiting Lovecraft fans. Mike and Matt had a blast meeting the stars. They both got to spend some time with Doug Jones (Abe from Helboy), rumor has it a copy of Whisperer will make it to the hands of Guiermo Del Toro. Now that is cool! Matt and Mike also spent some time with Brian from the Sci-Fi channel's international smash hit Ghost Hunters! Brian is a huge Lovecraft fan. Lovecraft reigns from Brian's home town even! Brain was very interested in the stories of possible supernatural activity on the set of Whisperer. Brain can be seen on GHOST HUNTER: INTERNATIONAL on the Sci-Fi channel.

Check out Brian's MySpace page:

Brain gets his copy of The Whisperer in Darkness.

08/08/08     We are moving closer to production on our next feature. The script has been finished and we are finalizing the cast. This feature, although not a direct translation of Lovecraft, defiantly has a lot of Lovecraft elements to it. It is basically a monster in the basement story. This one will deliver MANY more shocks and scares than Whisperer. Matt says: "This one will be a lot more visceral. To quote a recent movie title...There will be blood!"


01/06/09    The funhouse is closed.  I just received some terrible news today. My long time friend Ron Asheton, guitarist for Iggy and the Stooges, as well as the star of several films I have worked on, was found dead in his Ann Arbor home today. Ron was a great friend of mine and truly one of the nicest human beings I have ever met. He was never afraid to get in there and get his hands dirty when it came to film making. Hell, I wired him up with so many bullet hits on the set of "Legion of the Night", I thought it would blow him to shreds, he just looked at me, smiled and told me, "Make it big, baby, make it big." That was Ron. He really knew how to "Make it big, baby." Ron you will be sadly missed my friend.


01/19/09     Wow! Has it been that long since we updated the website? :) We have been incredibly busy with our next production "The Sexton". It has been a very hectic schedule, but the movie is rolling along nicely. We have over 6 hours of footage shot so far and it look great. The new movie is a tale of a cursed Sexton who must guard the innocent people of a forgotten town from a horrific evil that his family has hidden in the dark bowels of an abandoned church for centuries. BTW, a Sexton is the name of the caretaker of a church graveyard. No, we didn't name the movie after Mike. :) We hope to have the movie completed by Fall of 09. We will post pictures as they become available. 

Mike, Matt and Wes, the newest member of GraveHill.







Watch the trailer.